How to Get to the Center of Munich

When you visit a foreign country it is best to know beforehand what airport transfer options you have and where you can find the stations. The transport options help you to get to the desired location where you want to get after reaching to your destination. You do not have to wait for long queue. The airport transfers are fast and smooth.

If you plan to visit Bavaria, you have several transportation options from the Munich airport to the city, which is 40kilometers away.


By train

One of the options would be by train, which has two S-Bahn suburban lines: the S8 and the S1. If you just missed a trained, don’t worry, the next one is arriving in 10 minutes. You can take the first train at 4 am and the last one at 1:30 am. In 45 minutes you will arrive in the city. You can purchase a Single Day Ticket Entire Network for one person, which costs 11€ or Partner Day Ticket Entire Network, for groups, which is 20€. With both types of tickets, you can travel the whole day on the MVV Network (buses, U-Bahn or S-Bahn). The train journey is smooth and comfortable. The ticket is cheap.

The Lufthansa Airport Bus

The Lufthansa Airport Bus will get passenger from the airport to the main train station in the city in 40 minutes. The ticket is for one trip only and it costs 10,50€. The first bus leaves from the airport at 6 am and the last one a little after 22 pm.

Hotel Shuttle Buses

Some of the hotels in Munich offer shuttle bus transportation services for their customers. This way you will not have to worry about getting to the hotel or back to the airport on the departure day. Just check if the hotel you choose offers such services. These transport facilities are fast as compared to other type of transport.

Airport taxi in Munich

Taking a taxi is the easiest and fastest way to get to your destination. The total price for the taxi fare is calculated per kilometers and not per person, so you can choose to travel with other travelers and split the total.  If you plan to take a taxi alone, be prepared to cash out 50€, plus other expenses: 1.20€ fee if you pre-order a taxi, 0.60€ for each check in luggage, 0.60€ in case you are traveling with your pet and26€ waiting time per hour.

You can find an airport taxi in Munich at Terminal 1, Terminal 2 or in the Central Area at level 03. If you pre-book a taxi, the driver will wait for you at the airport, even if your flight is delayed by up to one hour.