Increasing popularity of online grocery stores in India

Intense penetration of internet in India had led to the increase in e commerce business. Most of the companies have gained online presence and have got a success with the flying colors. Facilities offered by the e commerce companies have lured the Indians and attracted them to purchase and sell online. But by the time, there is nothing which is not available on online stores. You can buy almost everything of your need ranging from automobiles, electronics, clothes, and shoes to the grocery items. You can even sell your property, cars, mobile or computer and buy them too from the same platforms.

The main reason for opening online grocery stores like Grocermax and others,  is that people cannot avoid going to the grocery stores though they may not wear designer clothes, branded accessories , going for movies, restaurant etc. Grocery is the need of every family. Thus, the innovators have implemented the idea of taking the grocery store to the customers. There will be no need to advertise for the products on the online grocery stores and the customer will automatically find the item which they need. Grocermax offers listing of the grocery items under various categories which enable ease in accessing the product.

UntitledOnline retailing in India

The accessibility to internet has paved ways for the online stores in India. Due to the ease of shopping people like to buy grocery items online. Another reason is the attractive prices of the grocery items which could never get from the local market store or supermarket. E- market also help the customers in getting the products through various means like cash on delivery, payment through internet banking, credit or debit card. Increase in disposable income of the Indians and increased awareness about online shopping has led to the change in the shopping pattern of the Indians. They enjoy the comfort of online shopping for the grocery items. This is the reason for increasing online retailing business in India.

Still a long way to go

Online retail business in India accounts for about 15%. The number of customers on online stores is increasing with the rate of 40%-45% each year. Thus, from the company’s point of view online e -commerce business has been reported to well flourish in India.  If you check it, you will see that in addition to the foreign online stores functioning in India which have occupied the majority online market are now seeing a drift in their market share. They are being facing the edge competition from the small online grocery stores like Grocermax which is the gurgaon based online shopping store. Similarly, there are many online grocery stores which are targeting the specific area in the country are becoming the major threats for the big online brands. The main reason for this threat is the BigBasket coupons, promo codes and cash back facilities provided by the small e-commerce companies. The companies are using this strategy to generate a lead in the market.  The e-commerce companies are trying hard to get as much market share in India for generating more income and employment opportunities in India which result in increasing GDP growth of the country.