Review of reliable and fuel-efficient cars

When it comes to choosing the first car, many people prefer reliable budget cars in which they can learn to drive safely. Along with those who are just getting used to drive a new shiny car, there are a lot of experienced drivers who focus on economical and reliable options to forget about high fuel consumption and frequent visits to the service station.

In order not to spend hours figuring out the fact of what favorite budget car will not fail at the most unexpected moment, you are recommended to review the information about the car brands, famous for their exemplary endurance.


According to the recent surveys, cars of the following manufacturers are on the list of the most endurable vehicles: BMW; Mercedes-Benz; Mazda; Audi; Citroen; Renault; Peugeot; Volkswagen; Opel.

This information may be useful not only for those who intend to buy a reliable and at the same time budget car, but also for the customers who focus on the E and D-class models with low fuel consumption. For example, if you are interested in cars of Mazda brand you can contact with a dealer of Mazda cars in Winnipeg and know more about their specs.

Referring to such topics as “economical car”, attention should be paid to the ability of the car to respond to various loads steadily. If different defects periodically interfere with the confidence to press on the gas of a new car and enjoy a comfortable ride, you will have to put up with additional costs for repairs. Therefore, it is important to realize that a cheap and unreliable car quickly goes beyond the category of “economy”.

It is advisable to refer to the study of British insurance company Warranty Direct. Its co-workers have analyzed more than 20 thousand of vehicles of various classes with mileage of 3 to 6 years and came to the conclusion that the most reliable cars being produced in Europe are the following brands: Mercedes-Benz; Skoda; Smart; Volvo; Renault; Peugeot; Citroen.

Another group of car manufacturers which should be mentioned are the representatives of the Japanese car industry. The most popular durable cars are released by 6 Japanese brands: Toyota; Nissan; Mitsubishi; Subaru; Honda; Mazda.

Among American car brands Chevrolet and Ford show good results. They enjoy great popularity with car owners all over the world.

Speaking about cars, released in South Korea, it is worth noting that the models produced by Hyundai, have won the 10th place in the rating of the Association JD Power and Associates. American experts have found a place in the top of twenty most hardy vehicles for Kia Motors as well.

German manufacturers are closely watching to ensure that the safety of their cars to be at the highest level.

Such car makers as Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen are well-known for their reliability in many countries. It should be mentioned that among cars produced by BMW manufacturer such model as enjoys great popularity for its speed, comfort and low fuel consumption.

Thus, knowing the opinion of the international experts, you will be much easier to choose a trustworthy budget car.